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Too many girls and women lack hygienic and affordable menstrual products in Madagascar. Reusable sanitary pads help address one part of the problem.


A pilot initiative by Projet Jeune Leader showed that girls overwhelmingly used these reusable pads; were not embarrassed to wash and dry them in public; and felt more self-confident during their period. 

I’m not embarrassed anymore to tell my friends I have my period because I have re-usable sanitary pads.

- 16 year old girl in one of Projet Jeune Leader’s partner schools who received a kit

Re-usable sanitary pads come in many designs. Projet Jeune Leader chose to work with Days for Girls, a leading international organization in the field. Their design uses little water, dries quickly, is comfortable, and has high user acceptance in a variety of settings. They have reached over 1,500,000 women in 110 different countries.

Projet Jeune Leader does not produce kits for sale. However, you can purchase Days for Girls kits in Madagascar from Days for Girls Madagascar.

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Learn about the components of the Days for Girls kit and how the reusable pads work:
Read the summary of Projet Jeune Leader’s pilot reusable pad initiative:

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