Fadimbolana.info is an initiative coordinated by PROJET JEUNE LEADER, a youth-founded, youth-led, and youth-centered organization in Madagascar. Projet Jeune Leader’s mission is to empower youth to make healthy and informed sexual health decisions from puberty into adulthood. 


Projet Jeune Leader's core program is an innovative, multi-component, school-based comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) program in public middle schools in Madagascar. We place highly trained and supported young Malagasy adults (ages 18-25) full-time in each of our partner middle schools to teach our year-long CSE curriculum. When our educators are not teaching, they are providing other essential services to students: counseling, medical referrals, and fun and educational extracurricular activities


Since 2016, Projet Jeune Leader has also led complementary activities on menstrual hygiene education. Fadimbolana.info emerged from this work. The resources on Fadimbolana.info have been developed, tested, and implemented by Projet Jeune Leader’s team. Projet Jeune Leader is committed to creating engaging, culturally-adapted educational materials that draw from its extensive participatory research and work with local adolescents, teachers, and parents.

© 2020. Fadimbolana.info is a resource site created by Projet Jeune Leader, with the financial support of AmplifyChange and the Segal Family Foundation.

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Projet Jeune Leader